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Points to consider before finalizing your interior designer

Points to consider before finalizing your interior designer

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Designing your dream home or having a home that reflects our own personality is one of the most cherished dream for most of us. Getting this done can be one of the most challenging tasks. Today, so much information is available online about design inspiration, home decor products, variety of materials, design trends, furniture, etc that it can be confusing to choose and select relevant information. An expert interior designer can be really helpful here to choose the most relevant information and help you in making an informed decision. If selected carefully an expert interior designer can actually be the one that helps you fulfill one of the most cherished dreams of your life. In case if you decide to do your home decor with the help of an expert, Here are few points that you must consider before finalizing your deal with him.

 1. Check out his reviews: Its imperative that you check out the reviews of the individual designer (not the company) and check out his past work. It might take some time but it will definitely help you in selecting the best designer for yourself. One of the most difficult job for you will be to translate your vision to the designer. If you are dealing with an expert, he will make this easy for you. If not, then they will only offer you library designs and you will eventually lose out on the personality of your home. 

2. Do Not Rush into it: Unless it is absolutely necessary do not rush into the 45 or 60 day challenge. For most people we design our dream-home only once in our lifetime. For something that you have waited so long a week more will only help you the get the finishing and detailing right. 

3. 3D Representation: Before starting with the work, get a complete 3D representation of your house. This will help both of you to finalize the expectation. Here you let the designer know of your specific needs. For eg. if you want a house which is kids or senior citizen friendly let the designers know so that they can incorporate those in the design.

4. Written Agreement: Once the designing and budgeting is done you should ideally get in to a written agreement to finalize the scope of work and avoid any confusion later on. 

Author: Yashwardhan Jain. 28/10/2019


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