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Trends 2020: This years most coveted home decor options

Trends 2020: This years most coveted home decor options

Every season we look to give our homes a fresh look. Designers and Decorators around the world work to curate interesting trends each year. Since 2019 has just ended we can already know what would be the trends in interior spaces decoration in year 2020. Are you ready for a glimpse of the same ?

Anything-But-White Kitchen:

In Kitchen an all white palette is something to look for this year in 2020. They are classic, clean, timeless and works well with almost any style. Apart from all white kitchen Houzz has pointed out that people may also opt for softer hues like light grey or light blue. Another option would be a mix of wood with the white cabinets. Pop of wood can be introduced in the form of open shelving, counter-tops, drawers and pullouts.

 The Return of Formal Dining Room:


These days meals are shared over casual arrangements either within kitchen or close to it but your formal dining room can offer a more for your finest china than just a mere storage. This year Houzz expects homeowners to treat their dining room as the "WOW" spaces and they also have the potential to be. With bold colors, patterns, eye-catching light fixtures and artwork that might not fit elsewhere within the style of the home. 

A Bathroom with somewhere to sit (other than a toilet):

Hear this one out. With our bathrooms becoming more spa-like wellness retreats in the home, benches, stools and window seats are becoming much more common. Keep one near the vanity as a place to perch during your nighttime skincare routine or by the bath as a catch-all for towels, candles, books and face-masks.

Tiled Bathtub Aprons:

One of the best material use in bathrooms these days are tiles. Designers all over are using it as a one of those trick to achieve big results at low cost. According to Houzz this versatile material is being increasingly used to dress up a tub Apron, which adds style in addition to giving it an appearance of a fixture that is entirely built in.

Wood Range Hoods:

The bathroom is not the only place where texture are taking over. In the kitchen, warm woods are making their way to many places like over cook-tops as a decorative range hoods. Along with unique farmhouse sink, warm wood accents are perfect accompaniments for classic farmhouse style kitchen.

So, which of these up and comers are you planning on bringing to your home this year ?

Author: Sanchi Decor, 03/01/2020


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