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7 Exciting ways to add a pop of color to your bedroom

7 Exciting ways to add a pop of color to your bedroom

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Picking a perfect color scheme for your bedroom can be a difficult task. With count less decision to be made, many people are often left with a room full of neutrals due to fear of color commitment. If your space is suffering from Plain-Jane syndrome, here are some perfect and easy ways to add that much needed pop of color!!

When using color to decorate your home there is an easy 60:30:10 rule. I always try to keep this rule in mind when making decorating decisions. 

When decorating a particular room divide the colors in to percentages: 

  • 60% as a dominant color,
  • 30% as a secondary color,
  • 10% as an accent color.

Translated to a room setting, it typically means:

  • 60% of the rooms color is walls.
  • 30% of the rooms color is upholstery
  • 10% of the rooms color is, say, an accent piece or a floral arrangement.

The Following are 7 exciting ways to add a pop of color to your bedroom:

  1. Colorful accent pieces: The Beauty of adding colorful vignettes to your home is you can be as creative as you would like, or you can play it safe. You get to decide.
  2. Patterned Rugs:  Adding an accent rug is a great way to transform any bedroom. Choose one with fun patterns and bright colors to dress up a plain surface. Small accent rugs and runners can add an interesting pop of color to otherwise empty floors. while large rugs can serve as a focal point of an entire room. 
  3. Kick it up a Notch with a colorful lampshade: Using lampshade to add a pop of color is a brilliant way to safely dip your feet in the colorful waters of your decor. Even a simple coordinating candle color can add a touch of elegance to your room decor!
  4. Incorporate Floral Centrepiece: Flowers are the safest way to add a pop of colors and freshness to any room, It also add that fragrance that can completely change the mood of the entire room.
  5. Adding a decorative artwork: Adding a colorful paintings to your home is a Win-Win! Its an another safe way to add to add that burst of color to any room. Adding that one antique and unique artwork changes the entire scope of the room.
  6. Ambient Lamp: Finding a right lighting is a key part of any bedroom design plan. So why not incorporate some color?
  7. Kitchen Pendent Lighting: These days pendant lighting are greatly in trend. Either using it in your kitchen or brightening a corner of your living room is a great way to add color to you home and to your life.

I hope this will help you to be a bit more confident about playing with colors in your space! As you can understand that it adds up cheer to your room and a designer element to each room.

Author: Sanchi Decor Admin


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